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Great Job

As an artist and animator myself I must say this was very well done. This was so due to your story, the idea was awesome and therefore makes this stand out. Your Visuals are next on the list as what makes this so great. You say you will never make something like this again but I suggest you do, I am sure you will notice a very good response to this submission. Audiences love a short and sweet story and this is exactly what you have done. I will be watching your submissions I hope to see more like this. Great Job!

the YuYu the YuYu

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Just to let you know, if you didnt realize this already, but your work inspires many everyday, it has inspired me for the last two years and led me to study animation professionally after high school. It has also inspired my girlfriends little brother who is only 12 to inquire the same dream. Its work like yours and sites like newgrounds that provide an opening to many artist to express themselves and become great. Keep up the amazing work Mr. Phillips, and perhaps one day i will reach this level of achievement as well, and be able to inspire other like you have.

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Halo 3 2 2 Trailer Halo 3 2 2 Trailer

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Great Tribute

This is great, for you all that dont understand arbiter and master chief are teamed up at the end of halo 2( The real game), so this is his version of what might happen. Which i say was very well thought up, its pretty cool to see them teamed up so action packed. good job ill be looking towards the rest. My buddy just joined the army and got me into halo, i bet he would love this. maybe your series will be done by the time he gets back.

jackson chocolate factory jackson chocolate factory

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Good stuff

Damn thats hilarious as hell! Ive seen it twice already in a row
Funny as animation too. Good graphics and the sound is halirous. Great job!

The Real Master Chief The Real Master Chief

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haha nice

Well what can i say had action, adventure, drama, and of course....nudity! haha man that was funny , u had me rollin....good halo spoof i didnt expect masterchief to be ...him lol ( i dont wanna ruin it for those who havent seen it). good job cant wait to show this to my dedicated halo friend.

LordMagicPants responds:

I was kind of like a movie. action, adventure, and drama. Except this movie you can watch at home while you're really stoned.

Wall Lunch Wall Lunch

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great job

haha wow that poem was awesome man ....funny stuff...the voice reading made it so much better too. The art work demonstrated good drawing skills and the poem demonstrated good entertaining skills. good job and im definitly looking forward to more of these wacky poems.

Captain Prego I remake Captain Prego I remake

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Pretty good

It reminded me of a saturday morning was ok, could have been a little more interesting offense but i kinda got bored :( . On the plus side your animation was good, the voice acting was great (the heroes voice fit perfectly), and the music was interesting. Out of 5 i give this a 4 because of the sound, graphics, duration, and the fact thats its ten times better than some of the crap the comes through here. good job man keep up the good work.

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Anax responds:

thank you. your tips are very important to me

Samurai Sword 1 Samurai Sword 1

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Pretty good

haha pretty good...heres some constructive criticism:
improve drawing quality( im sure your still new to flash)
and stay funny! dont ever loose that humor! The funniest part was the ninja punching the little boy out of nowhere...good stuff. By the way samurai and ninja are 2 different things...oh well not ne thing big. keep up the good work and keep practicing your flash! Remember animation is not only about moving objects its about moving the audience.

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Hey man if u have nothing better to do,go check Samurai Sword episode 3

portal/view/270756 ... =) i gues its the best episode till now...

well see ya!

The 600-Frame Collab The 600-Frame Collab

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Where was I!!!!!

Ok to begin I MADE THIS BACKGROUND!!!! where is my credit??? oh, thats right, IT ISNT THERE! Not only did i make the background my submission wasnt even in it. I was one of the first on this project with Matt and i made the background for the collab before it was handed off to the new guy. I was assured i would get credit for making it, but i guess it didnt happen. If it was a communication error then thats ok but i feel shafted for not being part of the flash which would'nt be what it is without me.

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Jayce-Diaz responds:

actually, i was the 3rd guy to be in charge of the project. Matt handed it off to Lamesauce, who handed it off to me. I never recieved your part, nor any information on you. sorry, but I never even knew you were involved at all.

Fallen Angel: Teaser Fallen Angel: Teaser

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Why?! how could u do this to me?! (whipes tears off face). I want more!!!! i wanna see whats gonna happen!! that was to good for me not to see the rest of. i feel so deprived. man that flash was awesome. please come out with it soon...PLEASE! great job, damn great job!